Vishnubaaug Camp in Badlapur, is a superb hotel. In Badlapur, Vishnubaaug Camp offers online booking and comfortable living. Contact Vishnubaaug Camp in Badlapur for tariffs.

Welcome to Vishnubaaug Camp , Badlapur , India

Vishnubaaug Camp

VISHNUBAAUG CAMP,  Badlapur has a say that man is inferior in front of “Nature” Mankind has used its brain and made use of the five elements of nature Agni - Fire ,Jal - Water ,Vayu - Air,Akash - Space,Prithvi - Earth for his growth, development and prosperity.

But whatever man does, he cannot conquer “Mother Nature” We owe everything to nature, from our first breath to our last demise. This nature is a gift to us by the Almighty Force.Vishnubaaug is nestled in picturesque 10 acres of land on the bank of perennial Ulhas River, at the foothills of Matherran ranges.

As per Hindu ‘Vedic Scriptures’  the lord VISHNU is the protector of the nature, the universe. Baug means a garden,Hence  our park is named “VISHNUBAAUG”



Call for Reservation: 📞 +917428844440

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